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DAR Plaque The Fernanda Maria Chapter and other San Fernando Valley Chapters of NSDAR placed a plaque on the grounds of the mission in 1970. San Fernando Mission

The Story of Fernanda Maria

In August of 1797, Padre Presidente Fermin de Lasuen, native of France, set forth from Santa Barbara, the customary one day's journey, to found San Fernando Rey de Espana, the seventeenth California mission, and first to be named for a king, Ferdinand III of Castile.

Viceroy Branciforte had christened the site on November 12, 1796, but it was September 8, 1797. before Padre Lasuen blessed the water and the land, planted the cross, and said mass, assisted by Father Francisco Dumetz.  Indians witnessing the ceremony offered five boys and five girls for baptism. A small child named Huirarpagina, the daughter of Girirmabit and Huiray, at age six or seven, was the first girl to receive the Holy Sacrament of Baptism and was christened Fernanda Maria.

The baptismal records of that day so long ago still exist in the Bishop's archives at the San Fernando Mission but there is not further record of Fernanda Maria.



Our Chapter

The Fernanda Maria Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, held its organizational meeting on October 20, 1952. Through the years we have been active in local, state and national DAR events.

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